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TW-8000 Taut Wire Sensor

TW-8000 Taut Wire Sensor

Electronic Taut Wire Fence Barrier

  • A stand-alone physical barrier and electronic breach detection in a single, modular system.
  • Very high breach detection probability coupled with very low false alarm rate.
  • System operation is unaffected by weather conditions, plus automatic compensation for temperature changes.
  • System is tamper proof and circumvention proof.
  • Tw-8000 could be combined with electrified high voltage low current system.


The new TW- 8000 perimeter security design provide maximum flexibility for the use of TW technology. TW- 8000 perimeter security is a free stand alone fence barrier combined and integrated with build in electronic detection system providing high detection level with very low false and nuisance alarms.

Taut Wire sensor Electro mechanical sensor with automatic self adjustment to compensate any weather condition changes
as high wind, rain, snow or high humidity and high temperature.
Sensor post designed to carry combination of a single sensor for a single horizontal wire or multiple wires forming a fence
screen only with single sensor. All sensors are linked to "RBtec" signal processing unit allowing the system to communicate and adjust to the control center.

The TW - 8000 perimeter security designed as an Anti -climb Detection fence to be installed on top of a wall or a fence or as a full height or as a combined and integrated with other sensor such as vibration smart security fence sensor - SL -3.

The TW-8000 has the option to integrate in to the fence wire
repulse electrified high voltage low current .