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RBtec Perimeter Security Systems was established in 1986 by security experts using extensive knowledge and years of field experience in large integrated outdoor perimeter intrusion detection system projects from small to high-risk large installations. RBtec works with a worldwide network of partners to provide, service and support installations in any country that security systems are needed.

Today, RBtec is a leading technology company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of wide range of perimeter security products and solutions. We provide reliable, effective and affordable solutions suitable for any site where perimeter security is required. Our portfolio of technologies include fence protection, ground sensors and underwater security systems.
RBtec provides range of security solution, plug and play to custom made products to meet the needs of the market in price, technology and user friendliness.


RBtec has supplied over 5000 security systems in more than 30 countries around the world to this day. It’s perimeter intrusion detection systems are installed in every continent in the world, every weather condition and almost on any infrastructure type.
Among RBtec customer are governments, commercial, oil and gas companies, utilizes and power companies, industrial and VIP residential. RBtec protects against theft, vandalism, terror threats and border protection.

Latest News From RBtec Perimeter Security Systems

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  • The basic principle of seismic security sensing is the monitoring of waves by a seismic source reflected in the subsurface. The benefits are obvious: invisible, passive monitoring of traffic onto your property, immune to false alarms from weather conditions. Every year, there are close to eight......

  • Please check RBtec’s Seismo ground sensors, The seismo is used for detecting steps and vehicles while being unseen.