With the recent need to meet the NERC CIP-014‎ requirements utility companies are required to upgrade their substations perimeter security systems.
RBtec has years of experience in the substation and utilities market, our products work with SCADA systems already existing at the substation to reduce cost and allow easy installation to the existing infrastructure.
If needed we are able to integrate into other system in order to monitor the system,

Suggested Solution:


The product we recommend for for utility market is the IRONCLAD.

  1. Plug and Deploy – Ready for installation standalone kits.
  2. 3 Layers of False Alarm Filtration – Extreme low false alarm rate.
  3. No training or special tools needed, comes with installation manual.
  4. No calibration – The system self-calibrates.
  5. Maintenance free – 2 years warranty on the sensor cable.
  6. 22 Levels of sensitivity per zone easily adjusted with dip switches.
  7. Dry contact relay outputs (NO or NC), can be connected to any alarm system/DVR.


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