Solar Farms and Photovoltaic Power Plants

Solar Farms and Photovoltaic Power Plants

Solar farms and Photovoltaic power plants are large complicated perimeters to secure, the challenge of preventing unauthorized entry because of the risk of electrocution or burglaries is hard as a result of the vast land those sites usually take.

RBtec has great experience in dealing with the solar market and is able to design a solution per site that will integrate multiple systems to a turnkey solution.

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RBtec understands that solar farm security system needs to be reliable, low maintenance, affordable and the most important have high detection capability. Solar farms are usually remote sites that need to be connected to a local alarm panel that will call the monitoring company or police. RBtec IRONCLAD intrusion detection sensor is able to integrate easily to those systems with a simple relay output to transform a complicated solution into a simple integration.


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