MBS – 404 Wall Sensor

The MBS-404 Passive Magnetic Wall Security System is:


  • MBS-404 buried security system is a concealed wall perimeter intrusion detection sensor designed to detect and locate intruders over any kind of wall or roof tops.
  • Detects any intruder who crosses the system line and carry ferromagnetic object.
  • Fully compatible and integrates with RBtec Intrudalert Comand and Control system.

The sophisticated MBS – 404 wall buried security system is based on magnetic anomaly detection principle of operation.
The MBS – 404 buried security system could be buried on the top of almost any kind of wall to provide regular wall detection ability and to transform a normal wall into a smart security system.

System Features


• The system detects an intruder carrying any Ferromagnetic object as small as a pocketknife or set of keys.
• The system automatically ignores weather conditions and animals therefor has extremely low false alarm rate.
• Any attempt to detect its presence or to interfere with its operation will instantly trigger the alarm.
• High probability of Detection (PD) greater than 99% for armed intruder, burglar carrying tools.
• Extremely low False Alarm Rate (FAR) free from false alarms normally caused by: birds, and all kinds of small and big animals, grass, bushes and trees, strong winds, rain, fog and snow, and lightning.
• No preventive maintenance required.

MBS-404 Sensor Cable:

An elongated loop of sensor cable consisting of a continuous length of cable, buried underground.
Movement of ferromagnetic materials above or beneath the sensor changes the currents flow of earth flux and detected by the sensor cable.
The sensor detects the low level intrusion signals for amplification and processing by an Amplifier.

Sensor cable length:  Up to 200m (650ft)
Sensor width between:  0.12m (4.0 ft)
Zone length: 1 40m


The cable contains 1 single core, overall braid shielded and jacketed with an FR, PVC compound. This cable has stranded conductors and can be applied for use in portable, indoor and outdoor applications.

Basic Wire:
Conductor:  Stranded tinned copper

General Properties:
Temperature Range: -58°F to + 221°F (-50°C to +105°C).
Flame Test:  IEC 60332.1.


Local Processing Unit (Lpu)

A self-contained direct buried, waterproof (IP67) and corrosion resistant capsule specifically designed to detect, amplify, filter and process low level signal received from the sensor cable.

Operating voltage:  12-35 V DC
Current consumption:  6-10mA
Outputs: NC/NO drycontact relays OR RS485 to RBtec Intrudalert software.