About us

Why RBtec Perimeter Security Systems?

Full Customization

RBtec Perimeter Security Systems is the innovator, developer, and manufacturer of the sensors, electronics, controllers, cables, and software to provide complete end-to-end PIDS solutions. RBtec has a proven track record of providing customized and/or tailor made solutions for the outdoor fence, ground, or water environments.

Customer Satisfaction

At RBtec customer satisfaction is above all. We at RBtec recognize that mistakes happen, but we back our customers and products 100% and will always go above and beyond to maintain customer satisfaction.

Wide Range of Solutions

A broad selection of technologies, sensors, and solutions to provide customers with exceptional performance and seamless integration into third-party systems. Our range of solutions starts from ready to install kits to custom made designs that meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Worldwide Coverage & Multiple Sale Channels

RBtec has executed projects in 54 countries around the world. RBtec offers world-class manufacturing, professional services, and a global footprint to support customer requirements at any point on the globe. RBtec offers it’s products through local representatives and distribution channels.


With 38 years in the industry, RBtec is one of the most experienced companies in the perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) marketplace

Experience & Expertise

RBtec Perimeter Security Systems was established in 1986 by security experts whose extensive knowledge, vast field experience, and technical expertise developed one of the first integrated perimeter intrusion detection systems for medium to high-risk installations.

Today, RBtec is a leading technology company specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing outdoor perimeter intrusion detection solutions. RBtec offers reliable, effective, and affordable solutions suitable for any site where perimeter intrusion detection system performance is required.

RBtec’s products are manufactured under stringent quality control practices and meet or exceed international civil and military standards, including ISO9001 and other North American security standards.

RBtec has supplied systems for over 5000 security projects in more than 54 countries around the world, including:

  • PV Solar Farms
  • Self Storage facilities
  • RV & Boat storage facilities
  • Airports
  • Conventional and Nuclear Power Stations
  • Correctional and Prison Institutions
  • Petrochemical Plants and Refineries
  • Remote Communication Sites
  • Military and Defense Border Lines
  • VIP Estates/Residences
  • Banks and Other Commercial Facilities
  • Critical Infrastructure or High-Consequence facilities
  • RBtec has developed unique deterrence, detection, and response solutions with our adaptable and extremely user-friendly systems.

A partial list of the countries:

RBtec incorporates the latest state-of-the-art technologies in its systems to provide the highest detection, operation, and reliability performance. This technology can operate over various communication infrastructures (Copper, Fiber, Ethernet, LAN, WAN, Wireless, etc.). It can be seamlessly integrated into third-party Command & Control (C2) systems for total security management.

RBtec offers expert services including:

  • Detailed threat and vulnerability assessment analysis
  • Tailored system design to meet customer requirements and budget
  • Detailed engineering specifications and drawings
  • System design, implementation, installation, and commissioning
  • Training solutions for system operators
  • Custom-tailored security awareness seminars
  • Installation and maintenance manuals
  • After-sales support and service
  • RBtec systems offer high reliability, a high probability of detection with low false alarm rates, and a low total cost of ownership, which reduces costs and increases security force effectiveness.


RBtec’s offerings provide a complete range of perimeter intrusion detection systems and solutions designed to integrate into a total security package fully.

Many call us RVtec, RVtech, RBtech, RBtek, Ravtec, Ravtech but they are all looking for the best security solution in the market!

When perimeter security is your concern, choose RBtec, and your customer will thank you!