Vidalert Alarm Management Software

Vidalert Alarm Managment

RBtec has developed and manufactured simple to operate tailor – made systems with an extended lifetime for fast installation,
minimum maintenance, low false alarm level and maximum protection.



RBtec’s VIDALERT security management system is dedicated Client-Server software for security personnel to manage and over view the perimeter for Intrusion & Video Monitoring System on site. Each site has its own graphic map and dedicated data base. The graphic map provides visual and audible indication in the event of an alarm.


The software is built with 3 elements:

  • Server
  • Data Base – formed in MySQL
  • Hardware client- for each control unit (CM)
  • GUI Client – provides the graphic interface for each working station.


Each of the above components can be installed on a single or on separate computers, based on the system requirements.
VIDALERT may be combined and integrated with any of the other RBtec’s INTRUDALERT series systems, as well as with any other CCTV equipment, (Fixed or P/T/Z cameras), IVMD Video Motion Detector, indoor/outdoor security systems and access control systems.

The VIDALERT security management system is a user friendly software base on intuitive use.