Case Study Self Storage Facility perimeter security system

RBtec Perimeter Security Systems Delivers Self Storage Facility Perimeter Security


  • Theft and vandalism
  • Damage to the business customers equipment and valuables.
  • Insurance mandating perimeter security due to theft


  • A kit of 2 zones IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System
  • Integrates with local burglar alarm systems
  • A user-friendly solution to replace photoelectric beams / active infrared barriers

Value Delivered:

  • A reliable perimeter detection system
  • Low maintenance and false alarm rate
  • An economic but reliable solution needed
  • The ability of a local integrator to install the system without
    1. Training
    2. Certification
    3. Special tools
  • Decreased alarm rate and maintenance caused by other previously used solutions.

Project Overview and Customer Profile

Self Storage facilities and RV and Boat Storage facilities are a common target for theft, the issue those businesses are facing is that the service they offer is to store a piece of customer equipment safely and reliably when a break-in occurs the damage is not only to the business owner but also directly to his customers. If a facility cannot guarantee its security customers will steer away from that location knowing their valuables are not safe.
RBtec was contacted by a large chain of self-storage facilities dealing with multiple break-ins on several locations. The first location that was chosen to deploy the IRONCLAD was 2000ft/600m perimeter. One of the key decision-making factors was the solution met the customer budget and simplicity of installation.

The Solution – IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System

RBtec offered its IRONCLAD fence alarm system due to the fact the customer needed “an alarm system for the fence”, the customer wanted a simple, user friendly and reliable device that will alert if someone climbs or cuts the fence. The IRONCLAD fence sensor was ideal for this requirement.

Conclusions and Advantages

  1. Plug & Play installation, Anyone can install the system without prior experience!
  2. 3 Layers of false alarm filtration, peace of mind only the real events will alert you
  3. Economical and affordable technology to cover 100% of the perimeter
  4. Protects up to 10ft/3m fence height with a single cable in the middle of the fence
  5. No training, certification or special tools needed
  6. No sophisticated calibration, zone sensitivity easily adjusted with dip switches
  7. Maintenance free – 2 years warranty on the sensor cable

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