Self-storage Security Solutions Case Study

Self-Storage Security Fence Solutions


RBtec Perimeter Security Systems Delivers Self-Storage Perimeter Security Solutions




  • Theft and vandalism
  • Damage to the business customers’ equipment and valuables.
  • Insurance mandating perimeter security due to theft


  • A kit of 2 zones IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System
  • Integrates with local burglar alarm systems
  • A user-friendly solution to replace photoelectric beams / active infrared barriers

Value Delivered:

  • A reliable perimeter detection system
  • Low maintenance and false alarm rate
  • An economical but reliable solution needed
  • The ability of a local integrator to install the system without
    1. Training
    2. Certification
    3. Special tools
  • Decreased alarm rate and maintenance caused by other previously used solutions.

Project Overview and Customer Profile

Self Storage facilities and RV and Boat Storage facilities are common targets for theft. The issue those businesses are facing is that the service they offer is to store a piece of customer equipment safely and reliably. When a break-in occurs, the damage is not only to the business owner but also directly to his customers. If a facility cannot guarantee security, customers will steer away from that location, knowing their valuables are unsafe.
RBtec was contacted to provide self-storage security solutions by a large chain of self-storage facilities dealing with multiple break-ins in several locations. The first location to deploy the IRONCLAD was a 2000ft/600m perimeter. One of the critical decision-making factors was the solution met the customer’s budget and simplicity of installation.

Self Storage Facility Security System


The Solution – IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System

RBtec offered its IRONCLAD fence alarm system because the customer needed “an alarm system for the fence” the customer wanted a simple, user-friendly, and reliable device that would alert if someone climbs or cuts the fence. The IRONCLAD fence sensor was ideal for this requirement.
Read more about the IRONCLAD.

Self-Storage Security Solutions

Conclusions and Advantages

  1. Plug & Play installation, Anyone can install the system without prior experience!
  2. 3 Layers of false alarm filtration, peace of mind only the real events will alert you
  3. Economical and affordable technology to cover 100% of the perimeter
  4. Protects up to 10ft/3m fence height with a single cable in the middle of the fence
  5. No training, certification, or special tools needed
  6. With no sophisticated calibration, zone sensitivity is easily adjusted with dip switches
  7. Maintenance free – 2 years warranty on the sensor cable

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