IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System

IRONCLAD Fence Sensor System

IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System – Fence Security System

Security and Loss Prevention Made Easy, Reliable and Affordable.

Property Perimeter Fence Sensor a Security System for Fences.
We provide clients peace of mind through better security. 

  1. Plug & Play installation, easy to install.
  2. 3 Layers of false alarm filtration, peace of mind, only the real events will alert you
  3. Economical and affordable technology to cover 100% of the perimeter
  4. Protects up to 10ft/3m fence height with a single cable in the middle of the fence
  5. No training, certification, or special tools needed
  6. No sophisticated calibration, zone sensitivity easily adjusted with dip switches
  7. Maintenance free – 2 years warranty on the sensor cable
  8. 500 Sensitivity levels allow the system to detect in any environment, weather, or infrastructure
  9. Dry contact relay outputs (NO or NC), can be connected to any alarm system/DVR/CCTV/Access Control
  10. Ideal for installation on chain link, welded mesh fences, or concertina coils
  11. Optional: Weather Station, Stainless steel twist ties, Gate kits

What is a Perimeter Security System and Why Do You Need One?

A security system for fences uses the property boundary barrier and gives the owner a buffer time against intruders since it’s located away from the main building outline or footprint. Having a fence with a sensor cable marks your perimeter and offers a clearly defined boundary and acts as the first line of defense and detection against trespassers. Perimeter security isn’t just about protecting the building on the property. It also addresses the areas outside of the facility such as the parking lot and garage, landscaping, loading docks, and outdoor equipment.


  1. The fence alarm system allows you to receive an “early warning” someone is trespassing.
  2. Fence alarm giving you the opportunity to “react” by triggering sirens, strobe lights, or any other measure to scare the intruders away.
  3. Transforms a standard fence into a smart barrier with no extra cost for infrastructure.
  4. The fence Alarm system is the economical way to secure the whole perimeter with an existing burglar alarm system, the IRONCLAD is just another zone/sensor in your burglar alarm.
  5. Loss prevention and return on your investment, achieve peace of mind knowing that when you are away there’s a way to receive real time alarms for intruders when they are on the IN and not when they are already in the middle of the job.


1. Cameras are a forensic tool, in most cases, you will see the video AFTER the event already ended. It does not help you stop or prevent the break in event.

2. Usually, cameras won’t cover 100% of the perimeter, in comparison to a fence alarm system you will always have blind spots where people can come in undetected.

3. Video analytics ability to detect is heavily relying on its ability to “see”, it’s a common mistake to think it will be able to monitor the perimeter 365/24/7. If weather conditions or objects (Vehicles, solar panels, containers) will block its line of sight the camera won’t able to detect an intrusion.

4. If you currently have no outdoor security the trespasser has an opportunity to plan their attack by surveying the area from the outside without being detected.

5. Indoor security does not protect the outside of your building, nor any items, property or machinery left outside of the alarmed zone.

You Need Active, Not Passive Perimeter Security Sensors.
Detect and Stop Intruders at Your Fence Line

A fence or bard wires are not enough!


The IRONCLAD is a shock detection system for fences, the cable is attached to the fence to detect any cutting, climbing, lifting, or jumping off the fence. A single line of the cable in the middle of the fence will detect the whole height of the fence up to 10ft/3m against any intrusion attempt.

Each processor/analyzer can monitor up to 2 zones with a separate alarm output per zone, the IRONCLAD is sold in pre-made and pre-cut in 250’/500’/1000′ (75m/152m/305m) lengths.
The IRONCLAD is designed to connect to any alarm system and is able to retrofit to old or new burglar alarms/DVR/NVR/SCADA systems.

Fully wrapped by stainless steel braid the IRONCLAD is Ideal for installation on wire fences, razor wires, and concertina coil.

How Does the IRONCLAD Perimeter Sensors Detects Intruders and not Wind?

The system utilizes 3 layers of false alarm filtration. 1. The Algorithm of detection is designed to detect only sharp frequencies vibrations associated with intrusion attempts while filtering the long frequencies from weather 2. 500 levels of sensitivity easily adjusted 3. A weather station to avoid false alarms caused by weather conditions.

Get Better Perimeter Protection for
Sites Such as those:

  • Commercial and Industrial areas.
  • Water, Electrical and Utility substations.
  • Storage spaces for cars, RV, motor homes, boats, construction machinery, and other equipment.
  • Solar farms and Photovoltaic power plants.
  • Self Storage facilities.
  • Radio, Cellular, Communication antennas.
  • Any fenced location
IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System

Sensor Layout of the Fence Alarm System Is:

1. Sensor Cable is pre-cut in 250ft/75m, 500ft/152m and 1000ft/305m

2. Each Processor (Analyzer) can monitor up to 2 zones (spools)

3. Maximum length per Processor is 2000ft/600m of sensor cable, 2 zones of 1000ft/305m

4. Each kit also includes: A processor in a weatherproof enclosure and sensor cable in the chosen length

5. To cover larger perimeters there is an option to combine as many kits as needed.

The IRONCLAD Installation Manual

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Site & System Design Manual

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IRONCLAD System Demo

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Smart Signal Processing

Operating Power Requirements:

  • 12 – 24VDC 300mA @ 12VDC

Lightning Protection:

  • 2 Layer Surge Protection
  • Gas Discharge Devices on all Inputs/Outputs & Communication lines.

Alarm Inputs

  • 2/4 Ironclad sensor cable inputs.
  • 4 Intrusion and Line monitoring for accessories like magnets, contact, microwaves, and motion detectors.
  • 1 Tamper switch.

Zone Status & Sensitivity Levels

  • 8x Arm/Disarm via Jumper
  • Twenty-two levels of sensitivity per zone on board.
  • 500 Levels of sensitivity via software
  • 1 Power Outage relay.

Communication to PC

  • USB-C Input

Alarm Outputs

  • 8x Dry contact relays with contacts rated 1A @ 12VDC.
  • 1x Tamper switch relay
  • 1x Power Outage relay.


  • Sensor Input – 8x Screw terminal – Pair per zone.
  • Alarm Output – 8x Screw terminal – Pair per zone


  • Outer Diameter – 1/4 Inch (6mm).
  • Color: Metallic Silver


  • NEMA 4X, IP-66
  • 9.5 x 7.5 x 2.75” (24 x 19.5 x 7.0cm)
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs. (1Kg)


  • Operating Temperature: – 40° to 221°F (-40° to 105°C)
  • Relative Humidity up to 98% non-condensing.