Alarmed Carrier and Protective Distribution System (PDS)

Physical Cyber Protection For Network Infrastructure – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physical Cyber Security System?

Physical cyber security is the protection of physical network infrastructure and data from physical actions and events that could cause serious loss or damage to an enterprise, agency or institution. This includes protection from physical hacking, tampering with network infrastructure, theft of information, vandalism and terrorism. While often these are covered by some kind of encryption, physical security's prioritization of damage prevention avoids the time, money and resources lost because of these events.

What is an alarmed carrier?

Alarmed Carrier is a physical cyber security system for communication infrastructure. It is designed to add an intrusion indication to a hardened carrier PDS. RBtec's alarmed carrier is Plug and Play, 24/7/365 monitoring for tampering – eliminates daily visual inspections and NSTISSI 7003 / CNSSI 7003 compliant. The sensor can be attached along the outside of the pipe/tray or threaded inside the pipe/tray.

What is an advantage to an alarmed carrier PDS over a hardened carrier PDS?

An alarmed carrier PDS can sense vibrations with from the network infrastructure while Hardened carriers only provide passive protect and require daily visual inspection. Hardened carriers are used to protect a PDS in areas where network cables passes through an uncontrolled or public area. A “hardened” carrier is a network cable conduit built with “Electrical metallic tubing (EMT) or rigid-sheet steel ducting.”.

What is PDS in cyber security?

Ethernet, copper or fiber optic that includes adequate safeguards and/or countermeasures such as acoustic or vibration sensor to ensure the safe transmission of information through areas with lesser classification or control.

How can a network cable that run between two secure areas be protected?

By adding a simple vibration sensor to the conduit that carries the communication cables. The sensor will notify of any intrusion attempt into the conduit.

What does CNSSI 7003 compliant mean?

CNSSI 7003 compliant means the alarmed carrier PDS is: *Provides continuous monitoring 24/7/365 *Eliminates the requirement for periodic visual inspections *Allows the carrier to be hidden above the ceiling or below the floor, since periodic visual inspections are not required *Eliminates the need for the welding and epoxying of the connections *Eliminates the requirement for concrete encasement outdoors *Eliminates the need to lock down manhole covers *Enables rapid redeployment for evolving network arrangements

Is there a CNSSI 7003 Certified product?

No! Any product the meets the CNSSI 7003 requirements and passed the tests on site is ``certified``

Does a PDS Alarmed Carrier System has to be fiber optic cable?

No, a PDS Alarmed Carrier System can be based on copper or fiber optic as long as it indicates tampering with the communication infrastructure.