Commercial Security Fence Sensors

Commercial Security Fence Sensors

Manufacturing, Logistics, Commercial and Industrial sites

Commercial and Industrial are critical to the operations of a company and require around-the-clock real time protection. Those sites are businesses who are looking to stop any theft and burglaries that cause damage and profit loss.


The IRONCLAD Commercial Security Fence Sensors are the ideal solution for protecting:


  1. Commercial and Industrial open storage.
  2. Dealerships.
  3. Car, RV, Boat or Equipment storage.
  4. Self Storage facilities.
  5. Radio, Cellular, Communication antennas.


When you want to stop break in at the fence then you should add perimeter intrusion detection system such as the IRONCLAD.

How effective are outdoor perimeter security systems?


The most effective to protect 100% of the fence line against climbing, cutting or lifting of the fence are fence sensors.

RBtec recommends for commercial and industrial sites with chain link fence or welded mesh fence the IRONCLAD, the IRONCLAD is sold in kits that include sensor cable, processor, and weatherproof enclosure that can be connected to ANY alarm system, DVR or SCADA system with simple relay outputs.


Any business that has a fence line and would like to protect the perimeter with a reliable and false alarm free security system would choose the IRONCLAD.


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