SL-3 Fence Sensor

The SL-3 Fence Sensor Perimeter Security System:


  • 32 levels of sensitivity.
  • Maintenance free, Sensor is ultrasonically welded NOT glued.
  • Self-adjusting capability no calibration needed.
  • Automatic contact cleaning capability.
  • Can be installed on any type of fence and at any angle.
  • 10 Years warranty for the sensor cable, over 20 years life span.


The SL-3 Vibration Perimeter Alarm System – Is a fence mounted sensor line which supersedes outperforms all types of fence sensors in reliability combined with detection ability and price.


The SL-3 electronic shock vibration fence sensor cable is the most reliable, advanced sensor cable perimeter security system in the world.
Its unique capability provides 32 levels of sensitivity and accurate response to a certain type of vibrations frequencies on the fence caused by cutting, climbing or lifting 360 degrees around the sensor in three axes.


The SL-3 Shaker sensor is supplied, tested and pre-assembled in 3m/10ft intervals. Installation of the SL-3 Multidirectional sensor cable is very fast and simple. Ready to mount into any new or existing type of perimeter fence: wire, chain link, welded mesh, razor-type coil, larded wire.


Field proven sensor is maintenance free due to its 10 gold plates contact points assuring minimum 10 years of operation, is self-cleaning and self
capability allows very low false alarm rate.

Cable Specifications:

Operating temp:  -45°C (-49°F) to +70°C (+158°F).
Capsule Enclosure:  Injection molded high resistant plastic
Size of capsule:  69mm x 42mm x 30mm (2.7” x 1.65” x 1.18”)
Weight:  50 gr.
Comm Cable:  Shielded AWG gauge six wires cable.
Life expectancy:  15 years field operation


SPU Specifications:

SPU-2004 Transponder card
LP-05 Lightning protection card
E-Clips 6
E-Clips 10
Input voltage:    8.5 – 32 VDC
Current consumption:   10 – 35mA at 15 VDC
Transponder card internal voltage: 5 VDC
“No Alarm” input voltage:   2.5 VDC
Open circuit “Alarm” input voltage: 4.5-5 VDC
Short circuit “Alarm” input voltage: 0 – 1.5 VDC
Communications:  RS-485 channel.
Processing:     Alarm: Yes/No decision.
8 zone  signal processing.
Size:      100 x 250 x 190 mm (4″ x 10″ x 7.5″)
Weight:     1 Kg. (2 Lbs.)