RBtec since its foundation in 1986 had experience in military and government projects as this was the industry with most need at the time of its foundation. During the years we have encountered almost any kind of security challenge and worked in close relations with our customers to provide the right product, the right price and a total solution to meet the customer needs.

Suggested Solution:


The product we recommend for larger projects are either the long rage fiber optic, the RaySense or the SL-3 for meduim a size facilities.


  1. The RaySense is recommended because it’s the only fence/buried/wall/pipeline system in the market that does it all or combined with the same headend equipment and the same cable. It can cover up to 100km/62miles with one headend.
  2. The SL-3 is the right solution for it’s reliability, low false alarm rate and longest life span in the market.


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