Seismo Unattended Ground Sensor

Ground Sensor for Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Standalone Buried Seismic Detectors – Perimeter Ground System

  • Detection Pattern: Circular (360°) Up To 10m/33ft Diameter Per Sensor
  • 4 or 8 Sensors + Analyzer Per System – Up to 80m/250ft Per System
  • Sensitivity Adjustment Per Sensor
  • Plug & Play Installation
  • AI-Based Detection Algorithm
  • Connects with Dry Contact Relay to any CCTV or Alarm system
  • Easy to Deploy and Operate, installation in minutes
  • No Training or Special Tools Needed
  • Event Classification – Steps, Vehicle
  • Invisible System
  • Seismic Detector Every 20-32’/6-10m Pre-installed on the cable
  • Standalone or IP Network Versions

System Description
The Seismo is an outdoor ground security system, which can be integrated with any existing security system, burglar alarm, or CCTV system.
The Seismo ground sensor technology is built from 4 or 8 sensing units (geophones) with an analyzer.
Seismo Standalone Buried Seismic Detectors are installed underground and is able to recognize footsteps and vehicle movements. The system is designed to pick up only vibrations that are related to security, it does not sense earthquakes.

The Seismo is a perimeter ground system that is resistant to extreme environmental conditions such as weather & temperature changes and can work in a large variety of terrains with no interference by vegetation or strong winds.
Compared to other technologies such as leaky coax RF The Seismo seismic detectors can work in any ground without preparation and do not need any special conditions. The system has been developed according to the highest standards and is designed to work without any maintenance.


The Seismo Underground Sensor (UGS) System is Ideal for:

  • Residential Homes
  • Wooded areas or Beachfront
  • Golf Course
  • Entry / Exit routes
  • Perimeter Blind Spots
  • Approach Detection
  • Open areas with no traffic
  • Farms
Ground sensors perimeter security system

Demonstations of The Seismo Standalone Buried Seismic Detectors

How it works – Seismic Acoustic Signature:

Multiple sensors collect use intelligence gathering of information to determine the seismic signal. When an activity is registered in the protected area, the seismic sensor produces a signal which is processed in real-time through the advanced AI algorithm, identifying which type of activity has been registered; walking or vehicle, and triggering an alarm based on the sensitivity level.
Sensitivity and detection are set and registered per sensor, this allows the system to be extremely flexible to adapt to different environments.
The included software allows easy, intuitive and user-friendly calibration and operation

Seismo seismic signal

Seismo The First Affordable Seismic Unattended Ground Sensor

• User-Friendly: The system is plug & play, no training, no special tools needed.
• Reliability: A unique cutting edge machine learning algorithm. Seismo automatically and continuously calibrating to environmental influences, keeping the false alarms rate at an absolute minimum.

• Event Classification: The Seismo algorithm classifies the threat and can be configured to different sensitivity levels for each potential threat (steps/vehicle).
• Invisibility: The Detector installed underground cannot be detected by intruders, and does not change the area’s appearance. This results in a system that can neither be bypassed nor sabotaged.
• Outputs: The sensor includes dry contact relay outputs (N.O, N.C) which provide silent operation and longer operating life.

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Technical Specifications:


  • Detection Coverage:
    4 Sensor – 4x-33’/10m Diameter
  • 8 Sensors – 8x-33’/10m Diameter
  • Detection pattern: Circular (360°)
  • Power supply: 12 to 48VDC
  • Operating voltage: 500mA@12V)
  • Outputs: Dry contact N.O, N.C, Optional wireless.
  • Operating temperature: -22f/-30ºc – +158f/+70ºc
  • IP rating: IP68