RBtec Unveils Innovative Security Solutions at ISC West in Las Vegas

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RBtec Unveils Innovative Security Solutions at ISC West in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – RBtec Perimeter Security Systems, a leading provider of security systems and sensors, announces the launch of two new products at ISC West, the premier security industry trade show in Las Vegas. The first product is the RaySense fiber optic sensor cable, the first DAS system designed for medium size sites (1-6mile / 1.5-10km). The second product is the IRONCLAD fence alarm, which features 4 zones and innovative daisy chain technology.

The RaySense DAS fiber optic sensor cable is a game-changer in the field of intrusion detection. As the first DAS system for medium-sized sites up to 6 miles or 10 km, it offers exceptional sensing capabilities with its two channels and AI-powered alarm detection. The RaySense is capable of 3m resolution and cut-immune pinpoint alarm, ensuring reliable protection even when the cable is cut. The RaySense has the capability to integrate with leading VMS and PISMs, and its user-friendly UI/UX makes it easy to use and monitor. Thanks to AI, there is no need for complicated calibration, making installation quick and effortless. Ideal for a variety of security applications, including industrial sites, critical infrastructure, government, oil and gas, solar farms, and more, the RaySense fiber optic sensor cable is the go-to solution for secure and effective protection.

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The IRONCLAD fence alarm offers a 4-zone advantage that allows two zones to be connected in a daisy chain, enabling monitoring of 4 zones from 1 processor location. This minimizes infrastructure and labor costs and makes installation a breeze. The IRONCLAD fence alarm is designed for easy integration with other security systems, making it an ideal solution for sites that require multiple security layers. With its innovative technology and robust design, the IRONCLAD fence alarm provides reliable and effective security protection.

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IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System

About RBtec

RBtec is a manufacturer and developer of perimeter security systems, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers. With a focus on research and development, the company is dedicated to providing innovative security solutions that keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of its clients. RBtec’s launch of the RaySense fiber optic sensor and the new IRONCLAD fence alarm showcases its commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions. RBtec is committed to providing peace of mind through its security solutions from businesses and government agencies to high end residential customers.

For more information, please contact RBtec at info@rbtec.com or visit www.rbtec.com

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