Success Story: Perimeter Intrusion Detection System for the Protection of a Solar Park | Perimeter Security of Solar Power Plant

Success Story: Perimeter Intrusion Detection System for the Protection of a Solar Park | Perimeter Security of Solar Power Plant

RBtec’s New Fence Alarm Processor – Modular, Upgradable, Repairable, and Sustainable!

RBtec Perimeter Security Systems has released a new series of fence alarm processors, including 2 Zone Processor (LPU-402), 4 Zone Processor (LPU-404), and their new accessories. They feature easy and user-friendly installation and reliable detection with other advanced functionality. The LPU-400 processing unit works with RBtec’s line of sensor cables to provide commercial and industrial businesses with tangible protection through real-time perimeter intrusion detection, all at an affordable price.

Part of RBtec’s vision is to support the “right to repair” movement for electronics, providing customers with the opportunity to repair and replace parts of a damaged processor. In contrast to simply discarding the entire processor, this modular design allows damaged components to be easily replaced, thereby preventing unnecessary e-waste and additional cost.

At the core of the new processing unit (LPU-400), a new system architecture is true to RBtec’s vision. Based on RBtec’s modular design principles, the LPU is built from 2 mainboards and three sub-boards mounted on sockets, allowing for easy future upgrades or replacement.

The main motherboard has sockets for three boards:
1. CPU 2. Power Management 3. USB-C Communication/Configuration + Tamper Sensor.

The base of the motherboard connects to an interface board that serves as the connection point to all cables and the surge protection board. RBtec is the only company that provides surge/lightning protection as an integral part of its processor while also allowing for the replacement of only the interface board in the event of surge/lightning damage.

The LPU-400 Series supports the connection of up to 4 zones of up to a conditional maximum of 500m/1640ft per sensor cable. The processor is also designed to use RBtec’s upcoming 2-zone sensor cable, set to be released in 2023.

Some of the new features the new LPU-400 series offers are:

  1. Self Calibration and automated noise cancelation
  2. 20 Levels of local sensitivity levels adjusted by onboard controls
  3. Unlimited levels of sensitivity levels adjusted by software with a user-friendly software
  4. Up to 4 zones of sensor inputs
  5. 24V AC Power input
  6. 9-48V DC Power Input
  7. Arm/Disarm zones by jumpers directly onboard
  8. Dedicated alarm outputs for power loss and tamper
  9. Onboard PIR tamper sensor

The IRONCLAD system offers real-time signal calibration and remote operation features via windows software. Users can download the calibration software to view the sensor signal status in real-time and conveniently manage their alarm devices anywhere, anytime.

For budget-minded customers, RBtec provides an all-in-one perimeter security solution combining a newly-designed processor, armored sensor cable, and superior detection capabilities into one efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-install Fence Alarm Kit.

RBtec’s IRONCLAD system is a Plug & Play perimeter security system that monitors the fence on which it is installed, detecting any intrusion attempt. The new algorithm-based processing unit filters out any benign movements of the fence caused by weather, passers-by, or other harmless events and triggers the alarm only when a real threat is imminent. The IRONCLAD is ideal for small to medium-sized sites like solar parks, car dealerships, logistic/industrial parks, self-storage facilities, private residences, and more. For more information, please contact RBtec at or visit

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